Chris Machian

Chris Machian is a photographer for the Omaha World Herald and came to speak with us about proper photography techniques and tips for taking the best photograph you can. Machian said photography’s basic goal is to tell a story with photographs. He told us about the 3 main types of photos. The first was a tight or detailed shot. This was a shot close to the subject. It gives a lot of detail, can show heavy emotion and feeling, and can be a great was to introduce stories. The next was the medium shot, which is generally a full body shot of the subject. These are great to show your subject in its environment to give context to your photograph. Finally the wide shot is a far shot generally used to set the scene of the story or show the entirety of a situation in one shot.

There were numerous tips about shot design that he shared with us, one being that backgrounds are always important when taking photographs. It is important to watch your backgrounds as you take photos as there could be distractions or things you don’t want in your shot that could take away from the subject you are shooting.

The next important thing talked about was lighting. Lighting is very important when it comes to photographs, as it can add a lot of emotion and emphasis to shots. He discussed window lighting, artificial lighting, and natural lighting, each with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. He also mentioned how to properly caption photos. Making sure to caption everyone in the photo properly is vital to a successful caption. He also said to make sure to only to caption parts of the photo that you are sure of, rather than guessing the situation or object in question.


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