Live Tweet Recap

This speech left me with interesting thoughts about the future of our country. Many of these thoughts were conveyed through my twitter posts. This experience was an interesting one to say the least. Being that I watched mostly recap and some footage after the speech because I was busy during the live broadcast, it made the experience different than normal. I have live tweeted events before, and I have found it generally quite easy because you don’t necessarily know what will come next, so you tweet more about smaller things.

This time around, all the most important parts were nearly all that I saw, so I didn’t have many tweets about small moments. Another problem I had was the sweet requirement. My previous work didn’t require one, so during the event I found myself more involved in counting my tweets sometimes than focusing on the speech’s material. I was worried, especially during the recap that important information would move by quickly and be easily missed. I am sure I missed at least a couple talking points during my tweeting session, but I feel like it would not have been as big of a problem would I have watched the event during its live broadcast.

When I created my twitter account originally, it was for my radio show. Since I have re-branded my show and moved it to a different twitter page, I don’t use this account as often as I used to. I try to post a few times a week on my twitter page, and I live tweet on my shows twitter page during my show. Having my personal page posting regularly would be a benefit to keep in touch with friends, but also if fans of my show go to my personal page, it may humanize me more past my show persona.

My Twitter Page –> @SwoRadio


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