MavRadio Studio Tour

MavRadio is a radio station hosted on the University of Nebraska at Omaha hosts numerous student shows and music programs that are broadcast over the airwaves live every week.  It is broadcast 24 hours a day, but student shows only broadcast from 8:00 am-10:00 pm Monday through Friday. Alongside its student shows, Mavradio has been expanding into man different avenues to increase its audience listenership. Many MavRadio DJs have created podcasts ranging from political talks, to movie discussions, to hair styling tips. These can be found at here. MavRadio also has a dedicated sports team that broadcasts every maverick sports events, and has live commentators for the games. MavRadio is free to listen to through or through the MavRadio station on the app (available on iPhone and Android)

MavRadio’s Control board and recording equipment for their live shows.
A phone line used for live calls, a feature very little used during any current student shows
MavRadio’s list of shows, sports broadcasts, and production spot signups
A Ouija board from MavRadio’s first “Haunted Heartland Broadcast. It has remained in studio and haunted staff ever since
The photo board of MavRadio staff members
Lyle Kwiakowski prepares graphics for his show in the editing room next door to the studio
MavRadio’s preparation board for story ideas, event times and preparation for other items
One of the many stacks of awards that MavRadio has won over the years
Lyle Kwiakowski prepares the computers and recording equipment for his show
(From left to right) Dan Downs, AJ Qvern, and Lyle Kwikowski recording and broadcasting “The Midday Radio Show” in the studio

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