Jodeane Brownlee

Noah Sullinger and Jodeane Brownlee spoke with the class about the college’s radio station, MavRadio. MavRadio, after it’s “reconception” about 5 years ago became what it is today, a student run Top 40 station. MavRadio did research during its conception to find what their audience wanted to listen to. The station is accessible for free through their website,, or through their stream on the Tunein app. Brownlee said that while she wishes they were broadcast on an FM station, but is happy that the station has a stream-able broadcast. Brownlee said the future of radio is all in stream-able stations. The station also recently partnered with the Omaha beef to begin calling their sports games to give greater opportunities to student DJ’s, as the sports element of the station has become one of its biggest and most popular sections.

The station used to use pro tools to edit their material for broadcast, but has now switch to the adobe creative cloud to cheapen the price, and better coordinate with student and station needs. Brownlee said the has worked hard to grow MavRadio to where it is now. She has made great connections with many of the local media providers and has given many students great opportunities to grow their skills and find their eventual career. She urges students to be open to any part-time position at media providers to get their foot in the door. She said it’s important to balance happiness and money values, as many early positions do not have large incomes. But working with students and advancing the station has made many sources like scripts media to visit UNO before other schools to discuss positions and scout talent. Jodeane said that MavRadio competes with many schools, usually with better equipment, but says that our students have the passion and drive to beat them all.


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