MavRadio Earth day Broadcast

Earth day, a day often forgotten by the average passerby, but an important day that deserves our attention. The staff at MavRadio know this, and are planning a large scale event to celebrate the day as they have for the past 3 years.

During their live event, many of the station’s DJs will share stories about current environmental and political issues like recycling, drone coverage, and veganism. Alongside those stories, organization features will share the organization’s message across the UNO campus and offer opportunities for students to help.

One such company is Keep Omaha Beautiful, an organization not only known for keeping the city clean, but also educating it on how to stay that way.

Executive Director Chris Stratman thought the feature opportunity would be a great way for UNO students to get involved in the program and to continue their legacy of great volunteer work.

“I’ve always been impressed with UNO’s commitment to community engagement and also volunteer service, and the level of commitment the students have to getting invloved so we’ve really appreciated working with UNO a lot.” Stratman said.

To hear the full story of keep Omaha Beautiful and many others, be sure to tune in to MavRadio’s Earth day broadcast on April 19 at noon. For UNO’s school of communication, I’m Zach Swoboda


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