Lindsey Theis and Mike Lucas

Lindsey Theis is a KMTV reporter. She along with her co-worker/photographer Mike Lucas came and spoke to our class about herself and how the modern broadcast operates. Worked in the business for 10 years, she has done radio, different documentaries, and jobs on CNN reporting out of different areas like Miami. She was called for a position in Omaha, and operates during the 4:00 broadcast and fills in at the anchor desk when she is needed.

Mike was a UNO student who graduated 2 years ago. He works full time at the station with Lindsey as her photographer and camera worker. He went through broadcast journalism curriculum during his time at UNO. He would rent cameras and equipment on his free time to learn and experiment to improve his skills.

The pair has picked up tricks and skills along the way as they worked together and in the field. They recommend getting internships and positions early to increase skill and get your foot in the door of your field. Networking makes huge differences in getting positions in the field and not finding jobs. Being a good person and being a hard worker is sometimes more important than having a great portfolio. They also recommend having a website to host your best work as your portfolio and achievements grow so potential employers can see that you not only are working hard and having skill, but are still working and are remaining in the field to improve your skill.

Lindsey said she knew she enjoyed writing and talking to different people, but didn’t always know she wanted to go into reporting. She said the ability to write is one of the most important parts of getting into the broadcasting field. It is much more important than your visual on camera. Mike said that it depends on your position, as skill behind the camera is important for his job.


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