Green Grass Podcast Video Story


Uno’s MavRadio, while known for its student run programing and shows, has also begun to experiment in other avenues of the audio world. Many students have begun podcasts that range in topic from intense political discussion, to hairstyling tips, and even the dramatic readings of original material.

Matthew Bahle is the co-host of the Green grass podcast, a movie podcast that searches for the positive elements in critically bad movies.

These movies are watched by the podcast group, then immediately talked about to keep any positives and negatives about the film fresh in mind. In the Video above, Bahle discusses why he enjoys the podcast, and why he feels others could benefit from listening to the show.

The podcast has already covered 5 movies, including Batman vs Superman, Suckerpunch, and Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, and has plans for many more over the next year.The Green Grass Podcast, and many other MavRadio podcasts are available for free at For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Zach Swoboda.


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